About Bowen Therapy and Spiritual Healing

Lynda Clifford

Psychic and Spiritual Healer

I have been practising as a Psychic and Spiritual Healer for over twenty years and teaching Metaphysics & Healing. I have amazing guidance from the angels and the universe is my teacher. I am a Medium, to bring the two worlds together, sending messages for those in need at times of sorrow, heartache and love. To help people on their paths for healing & enlightenment. My aim is to bring knowledge, peace and understanding of self.

Bowen Therapist

qualified-bowen-therapist-central-coastI have recently qualified as a Bowen Therapist, to enhance my skills for a better understanding of the physical body.

COVID Safe Business

We are a COVID safe business. We have implemented new cleaning and disinfecting policies, protocols, and social distancing measure to ensure the safety of saff and our customers. Help us continue to slow the spread of COVID-19. Practise good hygiene and stay home if unwell.